This thing is impossible!

This thing was really hard

Sometimes it’s just impossible to complete a task on a website. It could be because there simply is no way to navigate the page with a keyboard. Maybe contrast is too low. Or there’s no transcript for a video. It can be a tiny thing, or an all important task. I’d love to hear about these issues. And feel free to let me know every single time a task is harder that it should be! The more reports the better.

On topic? Friendly? Excellent!

What is this?

I’m collecting the different reasons why people do, or do not, think about accessibility when they create websites on a day to day basis. You can think of this little website as a sort of log book. You can keep a diary of anything you created, and with a few words, write down what you did to make the feature you’re working on more accessible. Or maybe the reason why you decided not to focus on accessibility. I am very interested in both.

For who is this?

I invite everybody who has a role in the design and development process of any website to help me out with this project. Designers, developers, product owners, senior level, junior level, everybody really. If you know anybody who might (or should) be interested feel welcome to invite them to join in. If you’re a person who found a hurdle somewhere on the web, please use this form.

What about my privacy?

All raw logs will only be reviewed by me, Vasilis van Gemert. I will use this data to get a better understanding of the role and place of accessibility in the web design and development workflow. I will use this data to publish and share my findings on my blog, in presentations, and who knows in other publications. I can decide to quote directly from your logs. However, without your permission these quotes will always be anonymised, so you, your project, or your team can not be identified.

Who are you?

I’m Vasilis van Gemert. I’m a design lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. I’m also a student. I follow a design research masters program at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. The subject of my research is web accessibility. This website is a tool for me to hear from you.

Thank you very much for your help!

Will you solve the issues I send in?

Nope, I will probably not solve these issues for you. But I hope that collecting accessibility issues the moment they occur may give me better insights into what the problems are you all face every day. That’s why I also ask you to use this form as many times as you want, every time you struggle with something.